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Kevin Mattson is the Managing Partner of Dirigo Capital Advisors. Having entered the field of commercial real estate in 1997, he has since overseen the execution and development of many large scale, award winning projects. Mattson has been appointed to positions by Governors King and Baldacci, and he has served on the board of the Maine Children’s Home in Waterville, Maine. Prior to his career in real estate development, Mattson worked for the Maine Legislature as the Chief of Staff for the House Majority Leader. He was awarded a BA in Accounting from Skidmore College and received an MBA from the University of Maine. He resides in Freeport with his wife Jeannie, and their two sons, Fionn and Ronan, and is an unabashed lover of King Crimson.

Outdoor music venues can be engines of economic growth

Effective downtown development involves a mixture of thoughtful infrastructure improvements, community planning, and careful consideration of the types and mix of businesses that could lead to an increased “multiplier effect” of economic activity. Last week I discussed brew pubs as a model of downtown development that also encourages community building by providing places where people […]

Brewpubs can be essential for community development

Downtown redevelopment comes in many forms, but some reuses have an impact measured not just in economic terms but also social and community impact. These projects contribute directly or indirectly to community building. For instance, a coffee shop impacts the local environment by producing a space where people gather, converse, and linger for a while. […]